Agency work

I had the opportunity to work on over 30 apps during my time at Fuzz. Here are some highlights from my favorite projects.

Product designer
Fuzz, 2015 – 2018
Product, design, engineering, client services

Otis Elevators

I designed an app for Otis for their new line of smart elevators. The app allows users to call the elevator ahead of time, track which floor its on, and get a notification when it arrives and which door to use.

The "paddle" selector interaction

Reinventing the call button

One of the limitations of this IoT elevator system was that it didn't know which floor a user was traveling from. Both the origin and destination floors had to be input. My goal was to create a satisfying and dramatic click wheel interaction, as well as a Recent Floors row for quicker access.

Elevator on the way animation with real-time data

A nod to the past

Otis had rebranded prior to this project. Part of that branding was a modernized use of this grid that hinted at the cage doors of old school elevators. I wanted to bring this pattern into the app and have it animate as the elevator moved through the building. I worked closely with iOS and Android engineers who drew the lines programmatically, to make sure the grid maintained its perfect ratio on any device size.

Mockups for Otis design system on multiple devices, including Apple Watch and technician web console

Stupid Cancer

One of my favorite clients we worked with was a non-profit called Stupid Cancer. Their mission was to provide a community to young adults diagnosed with cancer. Everyone on their team had a deep connection to their very noble cause.

Stupid Cancer onboarding carousel

A friendly welcome

Originally, the client provided imagery for the onboarding. However, the images they chose were not the most optimistic, and focused more on the pain their users might be going through, rather than the sense of belonging and community (not to mention their spunky brand voice).

I created a simple avatar customizer with options for hair, skin tone, and more – and featured these characters in an onboarding animation driven by user swiping.